Later in the afternoon, Gerald and I decided to go to Pink Sisters for we weren’t able to catch the last mass yesterday. After the mass, we headed to 50′s Diner (for the second time) for dessert. Do you know why we only had dessert? It’s because we’ll be having something heavier in another restaurant. Aren’t we weird that we ate the dessert first? Well, we love 50′s Diner so it should come first. Haha.

So a few walks away from 50′s Diner, you’ll see PNKY Cafe from above, since it is located higher from the main ground. Don’t worry, you’ll notice the signage! :)

Decorations inside PNKY Cafe

Inside PNKY Cafe

Inside PNKY Cafe

luggage inside PNKY Cafe

This restaurant has a different interior. Travelers would love this place! See the luggage above, plus the very creative menu which looks like a travel scrapbook!

creative travel scrapbook menu

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Hill Station

After our lovely boat ride at Burnham Park, we decided stroll around the booth but kept ourselves from purchasing anything. “We don’t need anything right now”, we kept on reminding each other. Haha. So before we impulsively buy anything, we headed to another restaurant and fill our stomachs.

Right after we arrived, we were able to pass by along the area but since it was still dark, we hardly noticed any establishments. Gerald was a little hesitant to come back but I encouraged him that we will be able to find this restaurant called Hill Station. When we arrived at the exact street, we can’t find anything and we were about to give up when I saw this little sign right below. Honestly, it was like we found a treasure!

Hill Station signage

Upon entering, as always, we were in awe of the interior. I think Gerald is becoming more appreciative now because of my endless and priceless reactions when it comes to restaurants’ interiors. As you can see, one word would surely come to your mind right now – Spanish. It felt like we were brought back to the Spanish era because of this antique house.

Staircase at Hill Station

Gerald along the window

tables and chairs at Hill Station

tables and chairs at Hill Station

The ambiance is very nice, I believe it would be better at night because of the lights. Look at the chandeliers!

chandelier at Hill Station

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Burnham Park

After visiting Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto, we had a very beautiful morning strolling around Burnham Park. It’s still Panagbenga Festival so there are a lot of flowers displayed along the streets.

Red flower


After a few minutes, we decided to ride a boat. I have already tried this before, with my family and I want to try it again, this time, with Gerald.

boating in Burnham Park

Boat ride in Burnham Park

We had to hire a rower though since we’re no experts when it comes to things like this. It’s always safety first for Gerald and I agree since we’re bringing a lot of gadgets that time that we don’t want to risk losing.If I were with my friends, we’d probably take the risk though. Haha.

It was a good start for our long day! Next stop, of course, it’s eating time again! :)